Residential Parent for School Placement Purposes

Parenting plans and court orders regarding minor children must address where the children will go to school. When a single party has been granted sole or full custody, that person has the authority to make all decisions regarding the child’s education. Within the public school framework, this custodial adult’s residence is used to determine the appropriate school district.

In a shared parenting plan, both parents are involved in decisions affecting the child’s education and both parents are considered residential parents. However, language in the shared parenting plan must designate which parent shall be designated as the residential parent for the purpose of determining the school the child attends.



It is important to note that under a shared parenting plan, the designation of "residential parent for school placement purposes" does not affect designations of "residential parent," "residential parent and legal custodian," or the "custodial parent of the child," stated elsewhere in the plan. (See Ohio Revised Code section 3109.04)

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