I would recommend Christensen Law Firm wholeheartedly to anyone in need of legal advice. I feel that my legal issue was handled competently and expediently at a VERY reasonable cost. My husband & I purchased a property in West Jefferson Ohio, gutted and remodeled at great expense in order to accommodate my husband’s brother John, who had been disabled due to a stroke. Since we travel alot we placed John on the Deed so that if something happened to us, he would have the house and not have to deal with other relatives or probate. We were renting it to John at $650/month when we discovered that if we had John refinance the note into his name, the interest rate would be substantially less than what we were paying with the home being financed as an investment property. Doing so reduced the total monthly Mortgage, Tax & Insurance payment on the property from $810/month to $531/month ! This enabled us have John cover the whole cost of the house with his payment as well as substantially lower his monthly payment from what I had been charging in rent. When John suddenly decided to sell the house and move to Arizona with his ex-wife, it sold within 2 weeks of our agreeing to list it. John would not honor the written agreement we had of the profit from the sale going toward paying us back for the cost of remodeling. So we had to have the proceeds from the sale placed into Escrow and we had to get an Attorney file a Complaint against John to get the funds distributed. I had contacted a number of attorneys and was told my best bet was to find one in London near the courthouse who was familiar with the Judges there in Madison County. So I called the Law Library in London. They gave me the name of Arrington Law Offices, who I contacted. They referred me to Lisa as being the attorney in London who specialize in my type of issue. Lisa Christensen, clearly understood our situation and seemed willing and able to handle the legal procedures we needed to follow to get our funds distributed. Megan, Lisa’s Legal Assistant, was extremely competent, polite and courteous. If I had a question that she could not answer she would get with Lisa to find the answer. Since she was so competent, I had only minimal contact with Lisa which made my legal expenses extremely reasonable. I can think of nothing that Lisa or Megan could handle any better than they did. They were knowledgeable, courteous, prompt, and kept me informed throughout the whole process.